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Today's leadership challenges
Our philosophy
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Today's leadership challenges

Operating within a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, today's leaders are under pressure to provide direction, while navigating paths that are not always clear.

Decisions must be made quickly, often with incomplete information and while under scrutiny, and success depends on influencing and securing the support of multiple stakeholders, both internally and externally, while rapidly gaining an understanding of the systems in which they operate.

Added to this is the need to constrain costs and to do more with less, to enable future growth and a move towards virtual working. Competent and confident leaders don't happen by chance. If they are to excel in this high stress, high stakes environment, they must be properly developed, nurtured and supported.

Investment in the development of a strong leadership culture is money well spent. At Toynbee Associates we provide relevant and timely solutions that deliver quantifiable leadership, team and organisational improvements and measurable ROI.

Our philosophy

We believe that the quality of a leader's performance can be directly attributed, amongst other things, to:

(1) The quality of the conversations they have with themselves and others about themselves, others and their organisations

(2) Their ability to hear and act on suggestions for improvement made by their coach/facilitator, as well as their stakeholders and all those with whom they engage each day.

Quality conversations within our programmes

Whether having individual or group coaching with us, or going through one of our bespoke experiential leadership, high potentials, or team coaching development programmes, the powerful conversations our coaches and facilitators will have with you will transform the way you see yourself, others and the wider systems within which you operate.

Quality conversations with you

From the moment you reach out to us with an enquiry, our conversations with you as a client will support a truly collaborative and powerful way of working together. Quality conversations will provide the framework for our initial meetings with you to explore your challenges, needs and measures of success. They will continue to be key to the way in which we will manage programme design, delivery and evaluation.

Involving stakeholders from the outset

So that we are working on the right things, we will seek feedback from those with whom you work, as well as from yourself. So that learning and change becomes sustainable and measurable, we encourage the involvement of those same stakeholders in noticing and commenting on what you are doing better, so we know that you are succeeding.

Our solutions

(1) Psychometric Tools: We are accredited in the use of the following tools and offer feedback either one-to-one, or where working with a team or within a development programme, as a group.

(2) One-on-one interviews with a leader's stakeholders and/or observations of a leader in action with his or her team, or senior team to elicit fuller feedback.

Psychometrics and interviews/observations can be offered as standalone engagements, or as a precursor to any of the following:

(3) Performance and development coaching

We use the Stakeholder Centred Coaching (SCC) model developed by Harvard Business School thought-leader Dr Marshall Goldsmith. His process is based on studies which found that a year after a leadership development programme, the single biggest determinant of improved leadership effectiveness was consistent feedback and follow up by the leader's manager; and so his model puts those stakeholders directly impacted by the leader's behaviours at the centre of the coaching process.

Leaders typically work on one to three pre-agreed leadership behaviour goals with their coach and stakeholders using the proprietary monthly Feed-Forward process for a period of 12 months. At the end of the year, we use SCC technology to seek feedback from the leader's stakeholders. Only if sustainable and measurable progress in the leader's behaviours has been observed, will our coaching fee be payable.

See here for an overview of the typical process for a year-long coaching assignment. Six and nine month engagements with a different structure and fee schedule are also available. FAQs about Stakeholder Centered Coaching.

Individuals paying for coaching themselves can opt to use this process or agree a fixed fee for an agreed number of sessions.

(4) Leadership development and high potentials programmes

Whether you are a smaller organisation introducing management essentials training, or an established organisation looking to attract, retain and grow key talent by offering development pathways, we can support you to design, deliver and evaluate these in whole or part.

We can also run standalone, or a suite of workshops to address specific business needs, such as managing performance, difficult conversations, influencing for results, coaching for performance, staff engagement, time management and career management.

(5) Team coaching/development and away days

We develop more creative, intelligent and high performing teams by using the innovative ORSC (Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching) approach. Developed by CRR Global, ORSC works on the entire team as a single living 'system'. It reveals the team to itself, generates fresh perspectives, and creates a more engaged, connected and aligned team. It results in action plans to enable the team to move forward in a constructive way.

Team members become more self-aware, relationships become more trusting. Team members are empowered to challenge with respect and to skilfully have difficult conversations. Individuals with negative communication styles can be assisted in replacing this approach.

Team coaching can also be used to empower teams to successfully navigate change, and to align behind a shared vision.

Even if you have experienced many facilitated team events before, it is unlikely that you or your team will have ever experienced anything like ORSC.

If you are considering coaching, a development programme or team development/coaching and would like to know more about our approach and the ways in which we measure success, talk to us now at ros@toynbeeassociates.co.uk or click the Contact Us button.