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Measuring ROI

Internal coaching is one of the biggest trends right now, and with good reason (HCI Report, 2016).

The expense of working solely with external coaches naturally limits the numbers of (usually) senior leaders able to benefit. Whereas, by building internal coaching capability via leaders and HR and L&D professionals, it enables far greater reach of the many coaching benefits, right across the organisation. This includes higher levels of:

If gone about in the right way, developing your organisation's coaching capability can be cost-effective and achieve a high standard of results. It will release the organisation as a whole to fulfil its vision, mission, strategy and values. Little wonder then that 70% of major British companies see coaching as here to stay.

Fit for Purpose Consulting

Whatever your purpose, our consultants can help you in creating a coaching provision best suited to meet your needs. We can provide advice, guidance and support in the following areas:

Click here for a case study on how we grew the coaching capacity of supervisors and middle managers within a retail protection division at insurance company, Legal and General.

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For smaller companies, increasing coaching capability is more about giving managers the coaching skills they need to grow their talent. Place Design, an architectural firm, came to us for management essentials training, including coaching skills, so that it could attract and retain the best people in a tough talent market. Click here for more information.

To learn about how we define coaching culture click here.

Measuring ROI

For some years, coaches and HR and L&D professionals have struggled to quantify in tangible measures the value of coaching within their organisations. In an environment where every expenditure has to be robustly justified, this has resulted in spend on coaching being reduced or pulled. This is frustrating for those providing the services, as well as for those receiving them. Both know the value of coaching, but have been unable to provide hard proof.

Fortunately, there is now new methodology designed by the ROI Institute that is able to provide quantifiable measurement at each of the five evaluation levels.

In using this methodology, we are able to go beyond the provision of 'happy sheets', which only assess coachee reaction to coaching and to their coach (Level 1), to further evaluate behaviour and skill changes learned and embedded (Levels 2 & 3), and the impact on financial, staff engagement and other organisational goals (levels 4 & 5).

Lisa Ann Edwards is our ROI specialist. Lisa brings extensive experience in evaluating all kinds of coaching, leadership and high development potential programmes to prove to senior management the effectiveness of the programme and secure its continuation and/or development within the business.

Email us to arrange a discussion of your current or intended development programme and of ways in which we can help you to measure its effectiveness.